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Our current product suite is for prime business, including both high-ratio insured, conventional insured, and conventional uninsurable. If you are a mortgage broker registered with us, you can view our current products and rates in our broker portal.

High-Ratio is defined as mortgages with less than 20% down payment, and are required to be insured.


Conventional mortgages have at least 20% down. We offer both fixed and variable mortgages for these loan types.


Regulations have led to many changes for the conventional borrower. RFAdvantage is designed to assist our clients in adapting to these new rules.

A common sense approach.

In contrast to the increasing complexity of the residential mortgage market, our focus is on the delivery of clear, easy to understand mortgage products. We look forward to offering an expanding suite of products over time. Our focus is and will continue to be on common sense decision-making delivered through a diversity of products and programs. If you are a mortgage broker, we encourage you to contact our Sales department to learn more about what we can do for your clients.

A little bit of history

The origins of RFA (short for Realty Financial Advisors) date back over 20 years to 1996 when the company began as a private real estate investment and asset management firm. Today, RFA operates a number of businesses involving Canadian real estate, including residential mortgages.
Our financial strength, reputation and ability to forge strategic alliances uniquely positions RFA to bring superior service and innovation to the mortgage brokerage community.

Our extensive capital market strength will promote mortgage product innovation for the benefit of the Canadian borrower.


We have 25 years of experience developing real-estate related business platforms in Canada.


We are a privately owned Canadian company backed by Canadian capital.

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